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Plain Aprons

It is true that aprons come in all different shapes, sizes, patterns, materials, colors, etc. But, nothing is as tried and true quite like a traditional plain apron. Plain aprons have been around for a very long time, and will probably continue to be around for as long as we can imagine!

Now, don’t get us wrong when we say, “plain aprons.” Just because an apron is considered plain, doesn’t mean it’s any less efficient and protective as other aprons! Our favorite type of plain aprons are the solid colored aprons we offer here at Customers have the ability to search and shop by a specific color to get ideas about what kind of apron they may want, or to find the exact color and style they are looking for.

Our colored aprons are available in four different styles: bib, bistro, cobbler and waist. All four apron styles are wonderful options for those in working environments like hospitality, artistic or restaurants. They are available in a variety of different solid colors and will provide a durable and professional look for many different intended uses.

Plain aprons are also make a wonderful gift or crafting canvas. Ordering a specific color allows you to decorate, paint, or style your apron as you please. Making it the perfect party favor, creative project or rainy-day activity.

Black 3 Pocket Bib Apron
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Best Seller
Deluxe Bib Adjustable Apron (3 Pockets)
Cardi / DayStar
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