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5 Cooking Shows You Should Be Watching On Netflix

When it comes to cooking and Netflix it’s truly a beautiful pair. The amount of shows on Netflix to begin with can be somewhat overwhelming, but add that together with the magnificent world of chefs and the culinary world and beautiful things happen.

We’re sure we’re not the only ones that think watching others share what it’s like day-to-day and see all of the hard work they do and the fun they have doing it! Whether they’re a docu-series, a competition show or anything in between - here  are five Netflix shows centered around the culinary and baking world to watch. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

1. Nailed It
A hilarious competition show that centers around “home bakers” with less than exemplary baking talent. They battle it out to re-create different desserts presented to them to win a grand prize. Let’s just say this show is the perfect example of entertainment, never giving up and a whole lot of belly laughs.


2. Sugar Rush
A personal Apron Warehouse favorite is Netflix’s Sugar Rush. One thing you should know when watching this show is that it is actually a rush! Professional bakers on teams of two race against each other (and the clock) to complete 3 judged rounds and win the ultimate prize of $10,000! Famous faces like Sprinkles Candace Nelson and legendary Australian pastry Chef, Adriano Zumbo lead each episode with a special guest judge. Watch the creativity and skills of these bakers come to life, their aprons get completely covered and prepare to scream at the TV with excitement.


3. The Big Family Cooking Showdown
This one is so much fun for the whole family (frankly, all of these shows are) - because it is mainly focused on family! The Big Family Cooking Showdown starts with sixteen families that compete in eight rounds and three semifinals to reach the final. See, even the competition is big. Each round they have to tackle a specific challenge, i.e. home visits, impress your neighbors, etc. until they make it to the final where they compete for the family crown. It might be a big family competition, but every cooking apron on every family member counts equally on this exciting show.


4. Chef’s Table
A way to break into the minds of some of the greatest chefs in the world is to watch this docu-series: Chef’s Table. Each episode focuses on the most successful and well-known chefs around the world and follow them as they share their individual cooking styles, personal stories and tastiest dishes. The perfect show to get the insight you have always wanted that might just inspire you to get in the kitchen and cook yourself!


5. Million Pound Menu
Million Pound Menu is an interesting take on what we know as a reality TV and “competition” show. With a combination of Shark Tank, Chef’s Table and more, this show is all about business and really shows you more about how much goes into the creation of a successful restaurant. Watch up-and-coming restauranteurs as they are given an opportunity to turn their eatery into a pop-up as they try to win over customers and a panel of some of the toughest U.K. investors out there!