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Aprons and Professions

A lot of jobs and careers require a certain uniform, attire, clothing, etc. This is not something that most of us are unfamiliar with. There are just certain companies and careers that we know what to expect when we see the employees.

This, is a part of our normal. It’s expected and often times gives us a reassurance and sense of familiarity when we encounter it.

Having said that, there are specific jobs where this comes into play, but the center piece of the “uniform” centers around the glorious apron. Aprons are used for so many different things, within specific professions and in everyday life. They protect our clothing if we’re working with or on something that could cause a mess, they give staff members a sense of uniformity and they’re convenient when serving tables, dealing cards, or even working at a movie theater.

With so many uses of how, where and when aprons are and can be used, we could most likely type out an entire novel of examples for your reading pleasure. But, instead we decided to focus on a few main professions where aprons are not only worn, but encouraged and prominent. Some of these will not surprise you and other might make you think twice about how common seeing an apron attached to these professions is that you didn’t even notice, until you noticed (if you know what we mean)!

They serve us our coffee, pastries, and for some of us, sanity. They are baristas. Whether you’re popping into your local coffee shop, or grabbing lunch at a café, they’ve always got your back. With more and more shops popping up and expanding, it’s been really great to see the unique, individual and memorable serving aprons that represent these awesome and talented baristas!

Painters/ Artists
A true craft on its own, are the artists and painters that bring their visions and dreams to life through creation and creativity. Whether it be painting, pottery, drawing, etc. protection in bringing their pieces to life is key- especially where paint is involved. That’s why seeing them sport either a bib apron or cobbler apron (for complete clothing protection) is almost always the case! Plus, at the end of the day, with some splattered paint on there- they have their very own customized apron.


Chefs/ Bakers
We adore them because without them, we would have to cook for ourselves after a long day of work, or sit in front of our ovens waiting impatiently until the timer dings and we can eat warm-yummy muffins. They are the incredibly talented chefs and bakers around the globe! There’s something about seeing a true professional in their chef apron that comes out to greet you at your table to ensure that you are enjoying your food that makes you feel extremely special.

The amazing talent and craft of florists, almost always requires a work apron and we sometimes don’t even notice! The purpose of wearing them not only to protect their clothing, but carry their sheers for trimming flowers, some twine and other supplies they may need to make the beautiful and always impressive arrangements that we all get to ogle over.