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Aprons Get The Hollywood Treatment

With the 75th Golden Globe Awards kicking off awards season, it made us think about how much goes on behind the scene that the viewers don’t even realize or think about.

At events on a scale as large as thing, there is not only so much going on all at once, but also, an insane amount of people involved to make it run smoothly. For award shows, most people have heard of that infamous gift bags that come stocked full of goodies that most of us could only dream of! These gift bag goodies are filled with luxurious items that are provided by a variety of different sponsors and vendors that are looking to tie their products and name into the awards season style.

One of the biggest partners and sponsors of award shows are indeed liquor and beverage companies. If you watched the Golden Globes at all, chances are you saw Moët & Chandon flowing throughout the night and being served by their handsome and polished champagne waiters.

This is typical at award shows, red-carpet events or any gala within the Hollywood world. Because let’s face it, they may be some of the biggest starlets, they are just like us and enjoy an adult beverage from time to time too.

You’ll notice (from a little slideshow we provided below) when the brands involved are a main sponsor or provider for the event, they indeed go all out. There is product, souvenirs and swag galore. Another thing to note is how professional and polished the employees and staff are at these events. They are there to not only do their job, but represent the company.

A great way that they have done this is by having a sophisticated and uniform look. Keeping it simple with solid colored dress shirts and pants. But, the star of the show is always the apron. Moët & Chandon have done an amazing job at their award show uniform by having the staff wear classically professional full bistro aprons in black that have the company logo both screen printed or embroidered on the apron itself. Other brands opt for the classic bib apron to get their point across.

Having these professional servers and bartenders work these events really help to give a positive outlook on the company, as well as the company brand. With so many people in attendance at these events (not just the stars), making a statement, such as, having a logo massively screen printed on the apron along with excellent service and a smile makes for a memorable and positive experience with said brand. Doing this in turn will allow for more experiences or opportunities to attend, sponsor or market for large scale events in the future. Which is what we all want, right?