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Characters On TV That Wear An Apron Like A Suit Of Armor

The use of aprons has been used dated all the way back in history. Whether you are a man, woman, child, etc. Or if you’re a chef, housekeeper, barista, or waitress, aprons are an item and accessory that’s purpose will absolutely never fade away.

When it comes to wearing an apron, most might not give it a second thought as more than a practicality that helps to protect clothing, but for those that wear aprons, they reveal so much more than that. For someone that wears an apron in everyday life for a job, it becomes something that is a part of them. It becomes an identification accessory as to who they are and what they represent. It becomes something to take pride in wearing, a suit of armor. These shows and characters below, have helped give insight into what wearing an apron means to them and the pride they have in what they do. 

Young and Hungry 
When ABC Family became Freeform, we noticed that things started to become a little more adult in the programming area. Young and Hungry is a hilarious sitcom that is about a young and struggling food blogger and chef named Gabi that lands the job of a lifetime when she becomes a personal chef for millionaire and tech entrepreneur Josh. Working alongside Josh’s’ housekeeper (Yolanda) and manager (Elliot), Gabi must prove herself to the staff and more importantly to Josh that she is a talented, creative and hard-working chef that he made the right decision in choosing. With her insanely quirky and irrational personality, stylistic waist aprons and incredible chef skills, Gabi tends to frequently find herself in situations she probably should not be in sometimes putting her dream job at risk.

I Love Lucy
Take a trip back to the 50s with us when I Love Lucy was the number one show when it came to laughter and silly antics. Lucy Ricardo was the supportive vintage apron wearing wife to Cuban Singer, Bandleader and famous show biz hopeful Ricky Ricardo; she was a great example of the ultimate 50s housewife, but with an unfortunate act for not always thinking and getting herself into trouble. Having dreams to become a success of her own in the entertainment industry, the ever so ambitious Lucy, (along with her best friend and sidekick Ethel Mertz) almost always ended up getting themselves into some sort of mess that they would try to hide from their husbands but always got caught in the end; thus, causing Ricky to speak exasperatingly fast to Lucy in Spanish before both apologizing and coming to a happy medium. Classic, classic show.


Pushing Daisies 
Pushing Daisies was a short lived charming show about a pie maker named Ned that somehow holds an ability to bring people back from the dead simply by touching them. Learning about this gift as a child, Ned grows up having loses in his life and learning the depth of his powers while doing so. In present day, Ned’s restaurant, “The Pie Hole” is having financial struggles when a detective discovers Ned’s gift and approaches him with a deal. The deal is for Ned to bring murder victims back to life with his powers in hopes of getting necessary answers to solve and close the case; and in exchange he would receive reward money. Ned, being a desperate but genuine guy agrees to the deal. Everything is going well until one day when Ned comes across a case that centers around his childhood love (Chuck) who has been murdered on a cruise ship. Bringing Chuck back to life in hopes of finding her killer, Ned selfishly chooses to keep Chuck alive and bring her to live with him with the agreement of absolutely no touching each other on account if the victim is touched by Ned a second time after being brought back to life, the victim will then remain dead forever.

Bob’s Burgers
Bob’s Burgers is a hysterical animated sitcom that focuses on Bob Blecher, owner of the restaurant Bob’s Burgers. Bob, along with his wife Linda and their children Louise, Gene and Tina live above the restaurant and are consistently trying to keep the restaurant from falling apart. Having a consistent and ongoing feud with the owner of the Pizza restaurant across the street, Bob (in his classic white bib apron) along with Linda by his side, power through some seemingly never ending but comical stints of bad luck that occur at the restaurant while trying to remain positive and appreciative of their dedicated customers.