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Competition Shows + Aprons = Success!

How many times have you “accidentally” and “unintentionally” ended up on the sofa all day watching TV? It’s okay, it happens to the best of us. If this has happened (one, two, maybe ten times) to you, it’s highly likely that what you binged watched was some form of reality television. People love reality television. And not only that, but they love reality competition television shows. Throw food into the mix, and forget it! Laundry, dishes, cleaning goes down the drain because the longer we can stare into Tyler Florence’s eyes, or cringe at Gordon Ramsay yelling at adults, the better.

It seems that over time only more and more competition shows involving food in some way are popping up. From worst cooks to top chef’s and even kids being chopped! The growing list has our full (increasing hungered) attention. The great things about these shows is not only that they give sous chefs or bakers the opportunity to prove themselves, but it really helps to generate their businesses as well.

How, you ask? Well, these competition shows (for the most part) are taking people that either already have a position in a high-end restaurant, or already have a business of their own and they compete for the grand prize to better that position or business. This allows them to grow and fight for something that they truly believe in.

The competitors take this opportunity to showcase where their talents lay, from sharing where they work on a t-shirt, to wearing their custom-made aprons with company name and logo. The shows, however, use aprons in a different way, such as splitting competitors up into teams or groups and designating each team to wear a specific color, such as blue aprons or red aprons to help coaches know which team they are on. Shows, also provide matching aprons on some shows for every competitor to wear, for protection as well as uniformity.

So, let’s take a look at a few different competition cooking shows where aprons only help with the stand out performance of the cooks!

Great British Bake Off (or Great American Baking Show)
First things first, if you have not witnessed this heavenly show, we urge you to binge it (yes, that is permission) ASAP. You can thank us later. The Great British Bake Off is a glorious competition show where amateur bakers from around England compete in a totally of three competitions (weekly) to become the last one standing as the Champion Baker. Each baking challenge is geared to showcase something different within the baker, such as: creativity, taste, talent, as well as problem solving. Each challenged is judged by legends Merry Berry (yes, she’s as majestic as she sounds), queen of baking and Paul Hollywood (tough crowd). The bakers showcase their personalities through their techniques as well as their style as they are all provided the same style and color bib apron to even the playing (or should we say baking) field.

Cupcake Wars
One of the most riveting, exciting and fast thinking baking competitions known to Food Network is Cupcake Wars. Each episode features four bakers (with businesses) that compete against each other in a total of four timed rounds. The ultimate goal is to win the cash prize, and to be featured with your finale creation at whichever “theme” or event is taking place. This show is a really great opportunity for businesses to prove themselves, their employees and other bakers that their passion for baking cupcakes and business is deserving. It’s different from other competition shows in the sense that these competitors want to expand their business, get their name and brand out there. They do this by wearing their company logo and name on their actual uniform aprons that they wear every day. Candace Nelson, one of the judges and creator/owner of the gloriousness that is Sprinkles Cupcakes (pictured below), is completely understanding and supportive of the bakers and really helps to embrace their creativity with strange ingredients, quick thinking when things go wrong in the kitchen (and they always do), and ability to be a leader. Cupcake Wars has been on for almost ten years, and we should only be so grateful to have it for another ten!

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Probably the most terrifying (thanks, Gordon Ramsay) competition food shows on television is MasterChef. A group of amateur chefs compete in a variety of different cooking competitions, which are then judged by culinary experts and put through eliminations, tasks, twists and turns to win the title of MasterChef. This show is as intense as it is intimidating, but truly helps these competitors come into their own while mastering their cooking craft. Much like the Great British Bake Off, the contestants are given aprons with the MasterChef logo on them. The difference is, their apron has their name embroidered on it which remains in their working station throughout the season.

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The Great Food Truck Race
Food Network’s traveling competition show, The Great Food Truck Race follows eight established food trucks in a “race” across the country to ultimately be the last food truck standing. Each episode there is a different city where the respective food trucks need to find a place to sell their yummy food while sticking to boundaries that our Food Network favorite, Chef Tyler Florence dishes out to them. This, a lot like Cupcake Wars, like we mentioned already has established food truck companies battling it out for the top prize. So, you can be sure their wearing their company “uniform” which varies from different hats, shirts and matching aprons with their business stamp. This show is like sight-seeing, cooking lessons and how to manage anxiety all wrapped into one. We have to give these food trucks props for putting everything they’ve got into working together and dominating the food loving streets. We, also need to plead for them to give us a break because we literally want to eat everything they create.