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Customize Your Staff Into Success

Hospitality, culinary, restaurant, bistro, café, and bartending. What is something that all of these categories have in common? The ability to serve people, yes. Provide outstanding customer service, of course. Offering endless options when it comes to satisfying specific tastes, definitely. But, something that is also regular within them is competition. Between other businesses, departments, types of food, etc. The people within these industries are consistently working to provide the absolute best for their customers.

So, as a business owner, how do you make your staff stand out from the rest? What makes your Italian restaurant or coffee shop better than the one down the street? How do you make customers remember your name? The answer is simple: by standing out.

Here at Apron Warehouse, we assume most people have probably put together that we sell, well…aprons. All styles of aprons, including: bib aprons, bistro aprons, waist aprons, chef aprons, housekeeping aprons, industrial aprons, etc. 
But something even more exciting and different about our company is that we offer embroidery. The ability to entirely customize and personalize any style of apron that suits your company needs. Having something as simple as your business logo screen-printed onto your aprons, or the names of each staff member embroidered on their specific apron is not only unique, but distinctive to your corporation. Choosing how to personalize your aprons gives you the ability to send a specific message to all of your customers, as well as your competitors.

Having individual aprons that represent your company is something that can also help bring the entire staff together.  Suggesting a brainstorming meeting or holding a contest as to what should go on the aprons helps to create pride with the final results and wearing them every day. Encouraging the staff as a whole to come together for a project such as this ultimately gives them the opportunity to not only work together, but to bond while doing so. Having something tangible that creatively represents them and what they do is really empowering and will, in turn, help lead to an even more successful staff.