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Food Network Stars We Adore

On any given weekend or day off, there is a ninety-nine percent chance that the Food Network will be watched for a majority of that day. There’s something about watching other people cool that is so satisfying and calming to watch.

Through the years, Food Network has taken away some really great shows, but also added some really great shows to their arsenal. Even though we love all of the competition shows (Chopped is as addicting as potato chips), watching the chefs individually cook in their “homes” while having a special theme or occasion each episode is simply irreplaceable.

Although there are so many chefs that we hold near and dear to our hearts, we have narrowed it down to four that we view as inspiring, talented, creative and homely. Every time we watch them, they make us feel like we are standing beside them in the kitchen wearing chef aprons and cooking incredibly tasty and crowd-pleasing food.

Ayesha Curry                  
Mother of two, author of the best-selling cookbook, “The Seasoned Life,” and completely relatable is Ayesha Curry (wife of NBA superstar Stephen Curry). Ayesha is relatively new to the Food Network compared to most, but that doesn’t mean her show isn’t perfection (because it is). Ayesha’s Home Kitchen takes us inside of the Curry household for some of Ayesha’s comforting, tasty and easy to make recipes. Her familiar vibe and appearances from her children, friends and family make the show entertaining and fun to watch. Also, everything she makes looks like pure heaven if you ask us.

Rachael Ray
Rachael Ray is a household Food Network turned foodie goddess. From “30 Minute Meals,” to endless cooking books and a self-titled daytime talk-show and magazine, Rachael has been a part of our homes for as long as we can remember. Always keeping it simple, classic and yummy, Rachael (who has always called herself a cook and not a chef) is truly an everyday woman when it comes to being in the kitchen. She’s charming, informative, and understands what the public want when it comes to cooking, and that’s what makes Rachael Ray the queen of the Food Network.

Tyler Florence
If you have ever seen Chef Tyler Florence, the answer is yes, he is just as handsome and charming as you would expect him to be (even in his Corvallis Chefs Bib Apron). Tyler is another vet when it comes to the Food Network and cookbook club. Apart from acting as chef on the show “Tyler’s Ultimate,” which gave us the ultimate special twist on classic recipes everyone loves, Tyler acts as a host to a number of different competition food shows. His upbeat personality and true love and passion for food always comes through and always makes us feel happy when on our TV screens.

Bobby Flay
The all-American and Food Network chef that hosts, competes and cooks on almost every show, Chef Bobby Flay. Bobby has been a well-known and respected chef for so long that we almost just immediately think of him when it comes to anything food or chef related. Adding restaurateur to his resume, Bobby has a number of successful restaurants that are as glorious as the Iron Chef himself. When watching Bobby, one can always assume that his laid-back personality will always shine through with that charming smile and classic chef’s white bistro apron that is signature Bobby.