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Four Nationally Recognized Businesses Because Of Their Aprons

Throughout America there are certain companies or businesses that we can register no matter where we are. Part of the reasoning that they stick out in our minds might be because you can find one on every other block you’re walking on, but that is beside the point.

Along with frequently seeing these places of business, we hear about them through the news, social media and our friends and family. We listen to the stories and experiences of customer service from all throughout the U.S. and what they are doing as a company to excel and give back. Apart from these commonalities that we have all experienced, one of the major reasons we remember these specific companies so well is not only because we love them, but because of their uniforms! Specifically, aprons.

The four businesses we have chosen to highlight are popular throughout our country and can be spotted or known just by glancing at their brightly colored aprons with the company logos embroidered on them. These companies have yet to leave our minds, or our business and we do not see that changing any time soon.

The beloved coffeehouse is not only national, but a worldly business. With a Starbucks on just about every corner, you are most likely never very far from a classic Frappacino or Cake Pop. Their standard green bib apron with the Starbucks logo can be seen a mile away and brings a sense of comfort when walking in the door.

Home Depot 
The number one trusted home improvement, tools, and appliances supply store, Home Depot is another business that not only stands out, but has been around for as long as we remember! The recognizable bright orange 3-pocket apron is not just apart of their uniform. It actually helps customers to easily locate an employee when in need of help shopping or browsing throughout the store, which is kind of genius if you ask us.


Cold Stone Creamery 
If you’re ever standing in a Cold Stone awaiting some delicious ice cream creation, do not be alarmed if the employees suddenly burst into song. That’s right, one of the many unique things about Cold Stone is that when they receive a tip from a customer in the tip jar, it is standard that they sing a song of appreciation. It makes them smile, us smile and even provides a little entertainment while your order is being made. The sing along with their traditional black aprons and Cold Stone visor is the ultimate sweet treat when visiting any Cold Stone.

Whole Foods Market
A favorite to those who prefer organic, preservative free and exclusively quality foods is one of the greatest places, Whole Food Market. Walking into one can sometimes make your head spin with how much they offer, especially since everyone is specifically different. Knowing where to start can sometimes be a whirlwind, so the amazing part of Whole Foods is that wherever you are throughout the store, there is almost always an employee that is usually unboxing and restocking product within a few feet of you that you can easily seek out by their “Whole Foods” apron and signature style. They’re always so willing to help and give really great recommendations!

These four companies are classic and well-known throughout America. They tend to make our experiences with them memorable due to their great and unique customer service. Knowing that you are able to get the same feeling, customer service and see a familiar apron that we all know so well when walking into any of these stores (no matter the location) is what makes them so special.