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On Wednesday We Wear Pink... Aprons?

Many movie aficionados will know this famous quote from ‘Mean Girls’. Being part of the popular high school clique in Mean Girls meant that you had to abide by certain rules, one of those being, ‘On Wednesday we wear pink’.

Pink isn’t just Wednesday-wear.
It’s an energetic, warm color that can be an inspiring choice for your outfit any day of the week. The pink color is associated with emotions: it has the passion of red but also suggests a softer, nurturing nature. Hotter shades of pink can be as bold as red, while paler shades of pink are gentle and calming.

Whether you want to leave the impression of feminine sophistication or whether you want to make an impact, pink is a versatile color. Be careful not go overboard with pink; a little goes a long way. Too much pink can hinder its otherwise calming effect, causing it to feel overly sickly or give the impression that the wearer is over emotional or childish.

Pink as part of an outfit or uniform.
It’s best to pair pink with grown-up, professional colors such as black or grey if you intend to wear it in the workplace or incorporate it into a staff uniform. Pink aprons can make a uniform really stand out and are a great idea for use in businesses in the catering industry who specialize in sweet treats such as a patisserie.

Pink aprons can catch the eye, help create your brand identity and boost brand awareness. There are a number of roles to which a pink apron can be perfectly suited. Here, we look at some examples where pink aprons really come into their element.

For a cupcake store uniform.
A pink apron is the perfect touch for a cupcake store staff member. Pink is a sweet color and cupcakes are sweet, so each represents the other in a harmonious way! Pink frosting is one of the most popular colors for the topping of cupcakes and the color pink often features in the branding of cupcakes and cupcake stores.

Including a pink apron in-store can help bring the brand to life for consumers and adds a sense of identity for staff. It may even help persuade consumers to indulge in sweet treats because they associate the color pink with cupcakes and frosting already thanks to popular culture. Therefore, when they see pink, they’re that little bit more tempted to purchase!

For a flower shop uniform.
When you think of the color of flowers, you might think of a variety of different colors depending on your tastes. Pink is often one that springs to mind because pink roses are a classic and popular flower, especially for adding subtle warm colors to a floral arrangement. Pink flowers in many different shades and their green stems make for a combination of colors that are pleasing to the eye.

Aprons worn in flower shops are often green, representing the green stems and leaves of flowers. However, pink is another great color choice for a florist’s uniform. As a color that represents emotions, pink is ideal for a store selling symbols of emotions – flowers can be bought to show gratitude, care, love, comfort and more!

For a hairdresser or beautician’s uniform.
Hairdressers and beauticians who have a mainly female target market could use pink as their uniform to help give a sense of luxury and beauty. A pink apron will go down well when providing hairdressing and beauty services to a hen party or for a girls’ pamper day, for example, because pink adds a sense of fun too!

In the beauty industry, a pink apron gives the impression of a playful, fun and feminine nature as well as being a warm, comforting color that will inspire relaxation. For a uniform color, it really stands out and so it can help you make an impact as part of your overall branding for your beauty business.

For an artist or craftsperson’s uniform.
Whether a pink apron is appropriate will really depend on the art or craft. A painter, for example, may not wish to wear a pink apron as it will quickly become covered in paint which may not come off when the apron is washed. However, for other crafts such as calligraphy with washable ink or paper-based crafts, a pink apron could be ideal to protect clothes from getting dirty.

Pink is an energetic, fun colour for those in creative roles to wear. It can add a nice touch if you’re running a creative class or workshop and will help distinguish you as the leader of the class. Wearing an apron when running a class or workshop helps to make you seem more approachable and welcoming to your attendees. Pink, being a warm welcoming colour, helps add to this effect.

As you can see, it’s not just on Wednesdays that we should wear pink! Pink uniforms are perfect for creative businesses – from those making intricate and imaginative cupcake designs to those creating stunning nail art.  Pink is a bright, interesting color that can add impact and finishing touches to your uniform and even your overall brand.