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Our Favorite Vintage- Inspired Aprons

Just when we thought the apron had had its day, new generations have fallen in love with vintage style fashion and are finding reasons to adopt the apron all over again. Vintage style aprons offer us the best of both worlds: on one hand, they remind us of home comforts like family dinners at the weekend and on the other hand, they make a great fashion statement.

Vintage-inspired aprons have a few different things to thank for their increase in popularity. There is a renewed focus on healthy eating which has meant that we are inspired to prepare meals at home rather than relying on takeaway or convenience foods. Being thrifty has come back into favour, too – which further helps the cause of the home cooked meal, which is typically cheaper than a restaurant or take away dinner.

We’re also whipping up more home-made indulgences such as cakes and pastries. Cupcakes have taken the world by storm recently and now adults and children alike want to try their hand at making their own delicious bakes. With every budding baker comes the need for a stylish apron!

An apron is part of the necessary equipment for the kitchen but there’s no reason why necessities can’t be stylish! Lifestyle and fashion bloggers have filled social media platforms with idyllic kitchen spaces and vintage fashion ideas, which has helped increase the reach of the humble vintage-inspired apron. Whether you’ve been inspired by Pinterest or you are preparing pastries for home-made afternoon tea, here are our top 5 favorite vintage-inspired aprons:

1. Brown And Pink Polka Dot Apron
Polka dots are one of the most widely recognized retro style prints from their heyday in the 1950s and from their bold revival in the 1980s. And who can mention polka dots without remembering the 1960 song, ‘Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini’! Or even go back to Frank Sinatra in the jazz age of the 1940s, with ‘Polka Dots and Moonbeams’.

The pale pink and warm brown colors of this apron are reminiscent of chocolate and candy, making this a perfect apron for baking sweet treats! The color combination, along with the iconic polka dot pattern is why we’ve chosen this as one of our favorite aprons.

2. Parisian Toile Josephine Apron
Paris is one of the most important fashion capitals in the world and the chic Parisian style is adored in the fashion industry. The Eiffel Tower, symbolizing the culture and history of Paris, is a popular print for all kinds of fashion wear.

This apron is one of our favorites because combines the powerful silhouette of the Eiffel Tower with the feminine floral design in soft pastel colors, reflecting the effortless sophistication of Parisian fashion. It would be perfect for preparing an elegant meal for friends and family and would add a touch of French authenticity when preparing French cuisine!

3. Watermelon Stripe Viola Apron
Like the polka dot, stripes are another popular vintage print. Stripes came into fashion around the mid to late 1800s and have enjoyed periods of popularity throughout the decades.

Fruit designs often form part of spring and summer fashion trends and watermelons are no exception. We see the bold colours of a watermelon and immediately think of cool, crisp and refreshing slices of melon on hot summer afternoons.

We love this apron because it combines vintage style stripes with a modern, eye catching watermelon print. This apron is perfect for summer entertaining – especially if you’re dining al fresco on summer afternoons!

4. Cherry Cupcakes Audrey Laminated Apron
Cherries are the ultimate classic retro print and cupcakes reflect both a vintage style and a modern trend. This makes for a very fun and very cute vintage-style apron, which is why we have included it in our top 5 favorite aprons.

This playful apron would be perfect for baking and when entertaining with afternoon tea and cakes. If you want to go all-out with your vintage style, this is one of the best vintage-inspired aprons you’ll find.

5. Summer Lemons Gigi Apron
It’s not just watermelons and cherries that are including in fruity vintage designs – lemons are a popular print, too! Lemons have clean, fresh colours that can remind us of health and wellness, and of indulgences like lemon drizzle cake.

This apron is one of our favorites because it is bright, cheerful and friendly. The zesty pattern is a grown-up take on the vintage-style apron. It would be ideal for providing a warm welcome to guests in a rustic, rural cottage and for entertaining friends and family over dinner.

So, there we have our top 5 favorite aprons – from polka dots to Parisian chic, from cherry cupcakes to lemons! If you’re feeling inspired but want more vintage-inspired styles to choose from you can browse our full range of vintage-inspired aprons here.