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Spring Cleaning... With An Apron

When we think of wearing an apron, our minds tend to go to one place in particular – cooking. Growing up, most of us sat at the counter as Grandma would put on that outdated apron and get ready to whip up the best cookies or bread known to man. Not only that, it left an impression as we would go out to eat to a restaurant and see all of the employees (waiter, waitress, hostess, even chef if we catch a glimpse at them) walking around in their aprons. However, the use of an apron is not restricted just to those in the food industry, there are many other uses!

Of course, you may already be aware that an apron is useful when it comes to cleaning. After all, it can be seen on those working in housekeeping when we are in a hotel, right? But one idea you may not be all that familiar with is an everyday use, and as spring time is just around the corner, we have a few ideas that you can benefit from when preparing for the upcoming season!

Dusting The Winter Away
Think about it, in the cold winter months we are closed in to our houses. It’s why we’re all stuffed up; the thought of fresh air feels so foreign and far away. Due to not being able to open to the cold weather, that dust just piles up. Don’t shoot the messenger here, I bet you clean very well but dust is that culprit that just sticks around no matter how frequent you are cleaning. But when you can open the windows, it’s time to get rid of that dust and clean out every inch of your house that you can get to.

Bib Aprons are perfect for this chore. There are many different apron styles around, but time and time again, the bib apron remains the most popular and there is a reason for that. This style provides protection to your clothes; so when you are moving those dusty objects, decluttering, and reaching for those dark places that you haven’t touched all winter, you are able to protect yourself from getting that nasty dust all over yourself.

Flowers Are Blooming
Indoor cleaning isn’t the only advantage you have with aprons – gardening is a big winner as well! It may seem strange to throw on an apron to head outside and dig in the dirt; why not just throw on some old clothes if you’re afraid you’ll get a little dirty? Valid option, yes, however, another upside to wearing an apron is the options it gives you to store your tools. I can’t begin to tell you how often I will lose shovels, scissors and other items in that green grass as I’m gardening. It’s frustrating! And you’re already throwing yourself into a day-long menial task when you’re starting to weed out that garden the first day of spring, you really don’t need another reason to get frustrated, do you?

So, use those pockets these aprons provide! You’ll be able to store your accessories and know exactly where you left them. Not only does the bib apron provide a great style for you in that task, but so does the Cobbler Apron. One thing that I love about this apron is that it covers you from front to back, tying on the sides. That dirt tends to sneak up on us and somehow you end up with stains on your back that you cannot figure out how it got there in the first place. The cobbler apron provides that protection to your upper body that you’ll be very thankful for!

These are just a few everyday activities where we could aprons; there are many other occasions where owning an apron will come in handy. Not only that, but we also have other styles that you can benefit from, including Bistro and Waist aprons! You have endless options at your disposal here at and we look forward to fulfilling your apron needs!