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Spring Into Baking With The Spring Baking Championship

When it comes to cooking shows, competitions, etc. it's safe to say that a mass majority of us are obsessed. Whether it's Cake Wars, Chopped, Worst Cooks, Home Chefs, etc. the kitchen competition shows are at full speed and none of us are going to stop it. 

There's one show in particular that pops around every spring to bless us with creativity, yummy recipes and a hint of drama and spice. That show is the Spring Baking Championship. Hosted by the wonderful Clinton Kelly, the Spring Baking Championship is a baking competition where eight competitors battle it out to be the ultimate spring baking champion at the end of the show.

Each episode is broken down into two heats where bakers battle it out in spring themed baking challenges to knock out the competition. The show is creative, funny, and constantly makes us wish that smellivision existed. 

One of the best parts about this show compared to all of the other baking competition shows is the fact that they really embrace the spring theme. With bright colors, themed heats and episodes, it really makes us want to put on our kitchen aprons and bake up a storm! 

Each baker dons a colored apron as they bake beautiful creations in hopes of winning the $500,000 at the end of the competition. Although the competition is shorter than most we are used to, it fulfills us with great recipes, excitement and of course, entertainment. And honestly, what else could we ask for?