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Three Jobs Where Aprons Are A Must!

When it comes to aprons, the necessity of them (for some) don’t seem as high up on the list as they maybe should be.

Sure, there are multiple uses for aprons, such as: cleaning, baking, working in industrial environments, bartending, etc. The list could go on and on. Aprons are an excellent way to express uniformity within a workplace with staff while being efficient in protecting clothing.

Coming in a variety of different colors, styles, patterns and even materials, aprons are a working accessory that is customizable and individual to the person wearing it. They’re even great in non-work environments and make for cute party favors, gifts or for someone that just likes to collect.

Of course, with the amount of different industries out there, there are indeed certain professions that do not require the wearing of aprons. But, there are a few in mind where they absolutely do!

We have chosen to discuss three different career paths and industries that all wear and use aprons. These professions all contain hard-working, hectic and fast-paced environments. Because of this, the style of apron does tend to be different, but the importance and assistance the apron provides the employee is always top notch.

The three careers are: chefs, housekeeping and servers. So, why don’t we break down their differences and why the people that work in each of these professions will most likely never been seen not wearing their apron.

Chefs: Being a chef is a full-time, non-stop and difficult job. We all know that there are different levels and styles of chefs, but nonetheless, chefs always need to be on top of their game. When it comes to chef aprons, the styles of aprons most sported are bistro and bib aprons. The bistro apron, is a polished and professional addition to any chefs uniform and ties around the waist being long enough to cover the entirety of one’s legs. For chefs, the bistro apron is an excellent choice because of ease and mobility it offers to the person wearing it. It allows the chef the ability to move quickly while cooking, and also provides a clean appearance to the rest of their uniform should they go and speak with a customer upon request.

Housekeeping: One of the toughest, dirtiest and strenuous jobs out there is the job of a housekeeper. Whether working in a hotel, private home or even a business building, cleaning is never an easy job. That is why an apron, such as a cobbler apron or a straight-line housekeeping apron are necessities for housekeepers. Aprons (like these two mentioned) are durable, protective and offer a form of comfort while getting down and dirty with cleaning. The cobbler apron contains pockets which is great to keep extra gloves or washcloths handy (they’ll be needed). And the straight-lined apron is the perfect choice for a professional and classic housekeeping uniform for a housekeeping staff.

Severs: The magical world of servers is vast, fast-paced and honestly the backbone of food and beverage establishments. Servers are the people that are the face of a restaurant, café, bar or bistro. They are the ones the handle the orders and carry a majority of the customer service that is provided to customers. For this reason (amongst others), servers are usually in a specific uniform that correlates to their position and the company. Within their uniform is of course, an apron. The apron most popular in the serving world is the waist apron. Waist aprons are perfect for servers because it again, provides uniformity and a presentable look within the staff. But, they also are protective for the employee’s uniform and act as a sort of assistant where the server is able to store their check books, pens, order pads, straws, etc. within the pockets. Choices on our site allow the option of pockets ranging between one, two and three pockets for the individual. Another great thing about aprons on our site is the ability to order in bulk. By purchasing aprons for an entire team, or even as extra to have on site, the higher the volume of aprons purchased, the higher the volume discount (savings = victory)!