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Three Summertime Activities to do With Your Kiddos

School is out and summer is off to a steamy and sunny start!

With kids being out of school for the summer, the possibilities are endless. However, if they aren’t attending camp or some sort of weekly group session, things can not only get a bit hectic, but get a tad boring for both the kids and even parents!

That is why we thought of three super fun, creative and educational summertime activities that are fun for kids, parents and friends!

First things, first, although these activities are so much fun, they can be a bit messy, so having your kiddo wear a kids apron is not only fun for them, but makes for not having to do laundry with destroyed clothes even more than you already do! The best part is, the kids can pick out their own aprons, and parents can get an apron for themselves to match!


  1. Baking: Who doesn’t love to bake? Besides making your kitchen smell like heaven, it allows kids to be assigned tasks and begin learning the science and importance behind measuring ingredients. Coming together to create something with one end result to decorate, admire and enjoy together. An extra fun tip – play a soundtrack or some songs that everyone loves. Sometimes there’s nothing better than baking and dancing around in the kitchen! 

  1. Painting: A tried and true favorite activity by all ages is painting. Whether it’s free-hand painting, water-color painting, finger painting, spin art, etc. Painting is a longtime beloved activity that allows individuals to release their creative spirits and ideas. There’s something therapeutic about creating a painting no matter what age you are, which makes this another great summertime activity. But, this is definitely one where an apron is a must! Paint is extremely fun, but most have us have experienced an accident or two with all of the excitement.

  1. Cooking, BBQ, or Culinary Skills: This is able to be made into a variety of activities, challenges or lessons – whichever the group decides. Cooking, learning how to once again, measure, cut and follow a recipe is not only educational for the kiddos, but great skills for them to learn and have! Helping them to understand what goes into cooking and allowing them to be proud of the outcome is such a special gift.

All three of these activities (or variations of them) are a great way to allow kids to still learn, use their minds, and be creative while out of school for the summer. They are wholesome, fun and exciting activities that really help switch things up from time-to-time, and will definitely always make for great summertime memories.