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Hostess Aprons

When walking into a restaurant, coffee shop, hotel etc., who is usually the first person a customer usually interacts with? The hostess! That’s why having appropriate hostess aprons is so important. Making a first (and hopefully lasting) impression is a great way to help boost business and gain returning customers.

Did you know that hostess aprons are also a great way to help market your business? Since the hostess, like we mentioned before, is usually the first employee customers come into contact with, they’re typically front and center when someone enters the building.

Using this to your advantage by customizing your hostess aprons is a great way to stand out and make a great first and professional impression. Customization options, such as: screen printing or embroidery are available and allow you to get creative with how you would like to design your aprons! Options such as employee names, the business name, or a specific slogan can be embroidered right on the apron to help establish just who the hostess is. Or, if you would rather have your company logo, or something unique to your business screen printed on your aprons, that can be done too. All of us here at Apron Warehouse love seeing how happy our customers are with their unique apron creations!